Sat, Oct 15, 2022
I absolutely LOVE this place and I had one of the best times ever playing music live! It was my first time playing jazz for an entire evening and it exceeded my greatest expectations! I was honored to be playing jazz for most of the night. The audience was just lovely and kind, it felt like everyone in the place was really diggin the improv vibes and in turn I felt like I played really well and I am looking forward to being back sometime early next year! Thank you DW for having me out, I really appreciate it. And thank you Jakob for taking good care of me and getting me whatever I needed. Dustin, the food was amazing! It looks like you are doing well my friend, & Evan, great seeing you too and I appreciate all the help you gave me. It means a lot knowing so many people got my back, it makes playing music so much more fun! The place yall built there looks like its going to be an amazing live performance spot, The Tea Pad @East Tennessee Hemp Company in downtown Jonesborough, TN, right on Main St. Help Educate More People about The Great Benefits of HEMP! PEACE & LOVE!
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RJ @ Tea Pad, Fri, Oct 14 @6:00 PM

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